Reasons images are rejected

If images do not meet the technical requirements below they will be rejected.

  1. Files smaller than 2400px or larger than 8000px on the longest side won’t be accepted.
  2. Files larger than 20MB won’t be accepted.
  3. If your images have excessively long titles, our image processing system may not be able to process your images. Keep the titles at a reasonable length, 3 to 7 words is a good amount.
  4. If we find excessive keyword spamming we may reject your images. You can enter as many keywords as you like but our image processing system removes keywords beyond the first 15 (since 27 September, 2020), so make sure your keywords are in the most relevant order.
  5. If you send too many similar images of the same shoot your images are likely to be rejected. Please be selective and send only what you believe to be the best images from your shoots.
  6. If you do not upload and attach model or property releases to images which require them, we will eventually delete these images. We advise you to upload and attach releases as soon as you see your images in the Pending area.

Images may be rejected for aesthetic or quality reasons by reviewers. We don’t give reasons for rejections, in some cases your images may not be suitable for our site, but suitable in other market places. If you feel that you are getting too many rejections then contact us and we will try to give an overall picture of why this is happening, and if we believe there are more suitable market places for your work, we will definitely let you know.

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