I’ve just joined Revolucy but I can’t see a way to upload

Hold your horses! Let us explain.

Before we can give you contributor capabilities, please make sure you have read the points below.

  1. Send us links to where your images are online. If your images are already in online marketplaces you will need to send us the links to your portfolio on these marketplaces, the more the better. Otherwise you can send us links to your work on Flickr, Instagram, Facebook or your own portfolio site. You may have different types of work in different places, so by showing us the various different places where your work is, we will be able to assess if you have work which is suitable for Revolucy.
  2. Email us here with your links: contributors@revolucy.com
  3. Once we have seen your work we will ask you to send 5 images so we can quality check your images.
  4. We will need to know your preference for uploading, so we will send you an email asking if you prefer to upload via ftp or on a web page.
  5. Before you start uploading read this FAQ explaining the technical requirements for images to be accepted, so that you don’t waste time and effort by sending us the wrong type of images.
I would describe the information above as..
  • Useful 
  • Unclear 
  • Out of date 

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