New Way to Earn Money: Get Paid to Share your Portfolio

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Hey Revolucionaries,

Here’s a new way you can earn on Revolucy.

We will pay you if you get clicks on your portfolio.

Yes we’re serious! Yes we do advertise on Google Ads, yes we do advertise on Facebook. And now we will also share our marketing budget with you.

This is an example of a portfolio page (any page with your artist id. number)

If you prefer we can give you a portfolio link with which contains your artist name. Please contact us to request this.

Here’s how it works.

From now on, if a new and unique visitor visits Revolucy by landing on your portfolio page and then clicks another page on the site (maybe an image of yours or any other page), this will be regarded as a Qualified Click (QC). And we will pay you for these qualified clicks.

This is the pay structure. QC = Qualified Click

5 QC = $0.10

The next 5 Qualified clicks
i.e. 6-10 QC = $0.15

$0.20 for every 5 QC above 10 QC

So for example if you got 10 Qualified Clicks then you would receive $0.25, but if you got 20 Qualified Clicks then you would receive a total of $0.65.

Plus you would be promoting your own images which surely is a good thing right?

Here are some ways to promote your images. Post your Revolucy portfolio on Twitter or Facebook. Put a link to your Revolucy portfolio on your own website, blog or newsletter. Clicks from sites which promise to generate more traffic for your website will be disqualified.

Remember to mention that your images are stock images, so that people will know that they are available for purchase.

While the leading agencies are constantly trying to find more ways of taking money away from you, we want to make the microstock industry a better place for contributors. We love this industry and we love our contributors, especially as you have stuck with us through our formative years. Let’s keep working to make Revolucy and other fair stock sites the future of stock.

Don’t waste any time. Start promoting your Revolucy portfolio today and earn money by doing so.

Further details

1. If you wish to use a better looking link than your current portfolio link, send us an email and we will send you a portfolio link which looks better. Just let us know how you want your public name to look in the link, e.g. robertjones, RobertJones, Robert-Jones, RJones etc.

2. We may stop this promotion for any contributor who we suspect of not playing fair.

3. We use a third party software to count qualified links, in our tests it works well, but we can not guarantee its accuracy all of the time.

4. We can not count clicks on the ‘members area’ as this is using a different database, therefore clicks to the ‘members area’ do not qualify as a 2nd click. To clarify, the members area is any url which has the first word as ‘members’ after the main site url.

5. Payments for Qualified Clicks will show in a new column in your Earnings area called ‘Referral’.

6. Qualified Clicks are calculated every month and will appear in your earnings usually by the end of the first week of each month. The Qualified Clicks tally will be reset to 0 on the first day of each month.

7. We will pay to a maximum of 100 Qualified clicks per month.

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