Free Keywording and Captioning for your Microstock Images

keywording black keyboard closeup letters
keywording black keyboard closeup letters
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Probably the most tedious part of microstocking is having to add keywords and captions to images. It’s an unwelcome task even for native English speakers.

At Revolucy we’re taking the initiative to share this task with you, by offering to add keywords, titles and descriptions to your images for free.

As well as our free offering, for high volume microstock contributors we also offer paid packages at extremely competitive prices. You can see our paid packages here.

How do I join the Free Keywording and Captioning initiative?

The offer is only available to Revolucy contributors, so you will have to join Revolucy first. You can join Revolucy here.

How many images will you Keyword and Caption for free?

You can submit up to 10 images per month for free keywording and captioning, that’s up to 120 images per year. Only approved images will be keyworded and captioned.

What type of images will be keyworded and captioned?

Only photos which are not editorial will be keyworded and captioned for free. Illustrations and vectors can be keyworded and captioned via our paid packages.

What do you mean by captioning?

By captioning we mean that we will write the titles and descriptions for your images.

How many keywords will you add per image?

We aim to add between 40 to 50 keywords per image. Sometimes we may add less than 40 keywords if we believe all keyword options have been exhausted for an image.

How many words will you use in the titles and descriptions?

Titles will normally be between 3 to 6 words. The length of descriptions will normally be between 8 to 15 words, sometimes more than 15 words and never less than 7 words.

Can I download the images to send to other sites?

Yes. Once we have finished kewording and captioning your images we will put them in a folder in your account called ‘Keyworded’. You can download the images from this folder.

With this initiative you should be able to speed up your workflow and have more time to do what you love the most, producing images.

Get your images keyworded and captioned for free, join Revolucy now.

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